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In-person help is also available through Career Services, located at Albemarle County DSS, County Office Building - 5th Street, 1600 5th Street, Suite A, Charlottesville, VA 22902. For more information about the County Career Services click here.

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    Job Listings
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    Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
    Autism Base Assistant - 2018-19 School Year10/23/2018School - ClassifiedBrownsville Elementary SchoolApply
    Tax Technician10/23/2018Government - RegularFinanceApply
    Part-Time Classroom Teacher - 2018-2019 School Year Only10/22/2018School - InstructionalWoodbrook Elementary SchoolApply
    Third Grade Teacher - Greer Elementary - 2019-19 School Year Only10/22/2018School - InstructionalGreer Elementary SchoolApply
    Special Education Long Term Substitute Teacher -Albemarle High School - 2018-19 School Year10/22/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteAlbemarle High SchoolApply
    Curriculum Base Teaching Assistant - Crozet Elementary- 2018-19 School Year10/22/2018School - ClassifiedCrozet Elementary SchoolApply
    Teaching Assistant - Community Charter School - 2018-19 School Year10/18/2018School - ClassifiedCommunity Public Charter SchApply
    Office Associate III (10/11 months) - 2018-19 School Year10/18/2018School - ClassifiedMonticello High SchoolApply
    Office Associate III (12 months) - 2018-19 School Year10/18/2018School - ClassifiedMonticello High SchoolApply
    Neighborhood Planner10/18/2018Government - RegularCommunity DevelopmentApply
    Special Education Teacher - Albemarle High School- 2018-2019 School Year Only10/16/2018School - InstructionalAlbemarle High SchoolApply
    English Long Term Substitute Teacher - Monticello High School - 2018-1910/16/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteMonticello High SchoolApply
    Language Arts Teacher- 2018-19 School Year Only10/15/2018School - InstructionalJouett Middle SchoolApply
    Autism Base Assistant - 2018-19 School Year10/15/2018School - ClassifiedSutherland Middle SchoolApply
    Custodial Supervisor I10/11/2018School - ClassifiedBuilding ServicesApply
    Senior Systems Analyst, Financial Systems10/11/2018Government - RegularInformation TechnologyApply
    In School Suspension Assistant - 2018-19 School Year10/09/2018School - ClassifiedSutherland Middle SchoolApply
    School Certified Nursing Assistant - 2018-19 School Year10/09/2018School - ClassifiedAlbemarle High SchoolApply
    EDEP Site Facilitator II - Extended Day Enrichment Program - 2018-19 School Year10/09/2018School - ClassifiedExtended Day Enrichment PrgmApply
    EDEP Site Facilitator I - 2018-19 School Year10/09/2018School - ClassifiedExtended Day Enrichment PrgmApply
    Assistant Boys Basketball Coach - Monticello HS10/08/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteMonticello High SchoolApply
    Behavior Based Special Education Teaching Assistant - 2018-19 School Year10/08/2018School - ClassifiedBrownsville Elementary SchoolApply
    PALs Teacher- Grades 2-3 2018-19 School Year10/05/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteAgnor-Hurt Elementary SchoolApply
    Database/Office Coordinator - CATEC - 2018-19 School Year10/04/2018School - ClassifiedCATECApply
    Auto Body Repair Teaching Assistant - 2018-19 School Year10/04/2018School - ClassifiedCATECApply
    Special Education Long Term Substitute Teacher -Murray High School - 2018-19 School Year10/02/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteMurray High SchoolApply
    Language Arts Long Term Substitute Teacher - Jouett Middle - 2018-1910/01/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteJouett Middle SchoolApply
    Temporary: Teaching Assistant (Part-Time) - Jouett Middle - 2018-19 School Year10/01/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteJouett Middle SchoolApply
    Early Childhood Special Education Teaching Assistant - 2018-19 School Year09/27/2018School - ClassifiedHollymead Elementary SchoolApply
    Autism Based Teaching Assistant - Western Albemarle High - 2018-19 School Year09/26/2018School - InstructionalWestern Albemarle High SchoolApply
    Assistant Boys Soccer Coach - Monticello High Schoo09/26/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteMonticello High SchoolApply
    Evening Custodial Team Leader09/25/2018School - ClassifiedBuilding ServicesApply
    Severe/Profound Special Education Teaching Assistant - 2018- 201909/25/2018School - ClassifiedStony Point Elementary SchoolApply
    Curriculum Base/ VAAP Special Education Teacher - 2018-19 School Year Only09/25/2018School - InstructionalBrownsville Elementary SchoolApply
    Behavior Based Special Education Teaching Assistant - 2018-19 School Year09/24/2018School - ClassifiedGreer Elementary SchoolApply
    Student Response Tutor - Brownsville Elementary - 2018-19 School Year09/24/2018School - InstructionalBrownsville Elementary SchoolApply
    Math Teacher (Algebra I) - PT - Murray High - 2nd Semester 2018-19 School Year Only09/24/2018School - InstructionalMurray High SchoolApply
    Middle School Teacher - CPCS - 2018- 19 School Year Only09/24/2018School - InstructionalCommunity Public Charter SchApply
    Assistant JV Softball Coach - Monticello High School09/24/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteMonticello High SchoolApply
    Office Associate II - Part-Time09/21/2018School - ClassifiedExtended Day Enrichment PrgmApply
    Second Grade Long Term Substitute - Agnor-Hurt Elementary - 2018-19 School Year09/20/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteAgnor-Hurt Elementary SchoolApply
    Assistant Girls Tennis Coach- Western Albemarle High School09/20/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteWestern Albemarle High SchoolApply
    VHSL Forensics Coach - Monticello High School09/18/2018School - Temporary/SubstituteMonticello High SchoolApply
    SEAD Program Team Member - 2018-19 School Year09/18/2018School - InstructionalVarious LocationsApply
    Behavior Based Special Education Teaching Assistant - 2018-19 School Year09/16/2018School - ClassifiedCale Elementary SchoolApply
    Autism Assistant (SPED TA)09/16/2018School - ClassifiedHollymead Elementary SchoolApply
    Enterprise Application Specialist09/14/2018School - ClassifiedDepartment of Learning Engineering, Access and Design (LEAD)Apply
    Social Studies Teacher - 2018-19 School Year Only (Part-Time)09/14/2018School - InstructionalWestern Albemarle High SchoolApply
    Office Associate V - Transportation09/14/2018School - ClassifiedTransportationApply
    Behavior Based Special Education Teaching Assistant - Sutherland Middle - 2018-19 School Year09/13/2018School - ClassifiedSutherland Middle SchoolApply