SALARY: $17.91/hour 


General Definition of Work:

The substitute school nurse is responsible for implementing the nursing components of the school health program, assisting with student well-being and completing health related tasks; does related work as required.

Essential Functions:
  • Maintains student health records, may review records of entering students for immunizations, to include confirming that immunizations are complete and up to date, notes health conditions documented on forms, may be asked to collect information for reports, and keep emergency information up to date;
  • Informs administrators and school personnel about students with health issues, in compliance with medical privacy regulations;
  • Administers medication to appropriate students, with parental permission and a doctor's order for prescription medication; keeps medication permission forms on file;
  • May train staff to administer medications under certain circumstances. such as for field trips; Ensures proper documentation;
  • May need to obtain supplies and adequately maintain the school clinic;;
  • Secures medications including controlled substances as required
  • Performs medical procedures as prescribed by physician;
  • Assists sick or injured students and staff, performs routine and emergency first aid;
  • Calls parents of ill students; assists ill students as needed until parent arrives;
  • Manages outbreaks of infectious illnesses with input from physicians, the health department and district guidelines as appropriate; follows health department directives regarding management of such illnesses when applicable;
  • Refers additional health concerns as appropriate to a guidance counselor, school psychologist, physician, Child Protective Services, school administrator or health department officials;
  • May serve as a liaison with the public health department and other community agencies;
  • May conduct basic screening programs as mandated in hearing and vision; may refer students for follow-up;
  • Provides guidance to staff for health related procedures for students with special health needs;
  • Assists special needs students with personal comfort and movement;
  • May train/supervise unlicensed personnel to provide necessary health care;
  • Ensures compliance with IDEA legislation that all required medical procedures will be done safely and correctly at school either by the school nurse or a designee trained and supervised by the school nurse or the school nurse supervisor;
  • May develop or assist with development of Individual Health Care Plans for students with medical conditions, including allergies; may educate appropriate staff on necessary components of such health care plan including criteria for medical emergencies and specific actions to take;
  • Ensures compliance with all laws protecting the confidentiality of medical information and obtains written consent of parent/guardian to share information;
  • Conducts health related counseling that is sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of students;
  • Assists in special activities, fire drills and field trips as assigned;
  • Performs clerical duties including typing, filing and duplicating related to school nurse functions;
  • Assists teachers with designated instructional activities as assigned by the Principal/Assistant Principal;
  • Assists in enforcing rules and discipline; performs student supervision duties as required;
  • Advises administrators on appropriate interventions to meet student needs;
  • May advise administrators, teachers, and cafeteria staff (with consent) on students with food allergies; may develop or obtain care plans for students with food allergies and advise school personnel in recognizing the signs of food allergies and the appropriate steps to take including the administration of epinephrine;
  • Performs other health related duties as assigned by Principal or designee.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Functional knowledge of current health issues as they relate to school age children; general knowledge of student behavior management practices, procedures and techniques; general knowledge of school system rules and procedures for classroom, halls, cafeteria, library and transportation; ability to guide, direct, teach, and counsel students; ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions. Ability and skill to make physical, social and emotional assessments and plan and implement interventions requiring professional nursing knowledge and judgment. Ability to maintain confidentiality.


Education and Experience:

Must have a valid license to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse, as required by substitute appointment. Must have two years of supervised nursing experience preferably in community health or pediatric nursing. Must maintain current certification in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation from a recognized provider (e.g., American Heart Association). Familiarity with basic keyboarding skills. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Satisfactory health condition as certified by a competent medical authority.


Physical Conditions and Nature of Work Contacts:

Duties are typically performed in a school clinic and other school settings such as classrooms, gym, cafeteria and recreational areas. Frequent movement throughout the school facilities is required. Occasional lifting of objects up to 40 pounds and moving of students weighing up to 150 pounds with assistive equipment may be necessary. The job is performed under conditions of potential exposure to risk of injury and/or illness.