Teaching Assistant

18-19 School Year OnlyMurray High


*Experience with tutoring and supporting high school students preferred.

*Will be responsible for supervising Extended Learning Periods throughout the day, supporting students with organization, and general tutoring.



General Definition of Work:

Provides responsible administrative, clerical, and human support in assisting the classroom teacher in the management and instruction of students; performs related tasks as required and directed; all work is performed under the direction and supervision of the classroom teacher, however, the aide may independently carry out particular aspects of the instructional program which include activities outside of the normal school facility.

Essential Functions:
  • Carries out instructional plans as designated by the classroom teacher and if appropriate the student's Individual Educational Plan (IEP);
  • Carries out follow-up and review lessons;
  • Develops and maintains pleasant and orderly classroom environment (e.g., maintain instructional materials, design bulletin boards, assist special education teacher and/or students in clean up activities, etc.);
  • Assists teacher in maintaining appropriate level of classroom behavior and control;
  • With classroom teacher's knowledge and approval, carries out appropriate discipline of students;
  • Procures, sets up, and operates audio-visual equipment;
  • Assists students in completion of learning tasks assigned by classroom teachers;
  • Assists teacher in related instructional activities (e.g., field trips, library, assembly, etc.) as directed;
  • Assists in physical movement of students from one learning environment to another;
  • Performs such duties as attendance recording and collection of lunch monies as directed by classroom teacher;
  • Performs such clerical duties as typing, filing, and duplicating at direction of classroom teacher;
  • Supervises students in lunchroom or during lunch period;
  • Supervises students during free time and other non-instructional periods as directed by classroom teacher;
  • Under supervision of classroom teacher and/or building principal, assists in maintenance of students' records;
  • Assists with toileting, feeding, and positioning of students;
  • Participates in team meetings;
  • Assists with medical related duties, i.e. catheterization, gastrointestinal feedings, assistive breathing devices, colostomy and ileostomy needs;
  • Assisting with carry over of related services, i.e., Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech,
  • Adapted Physical Education, and Vision;
  • Performs other duties as assigned by classroom teacher or principal.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Ability to develop and maintain an empathetic attitude toward disabled students; willing to learn specialized instructional/management techniques employed with disabled students; ability to communicate and develop effective working relationships with students, parents, and staff; must be high school graduate or hold equivalence of a high school diploma and be willing to seek and maintain CPR certification.

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school including basic keyboard and filing training.

Physical Conditions and Nature of Work Contacts:

Duties performed typically in school settings to include: classroom, gym, cafeteria, auditorium and recreational areas. Frequent walking, standing, light lifting, up to 40 pounds, and other limited physical activities are required. Occasional travel with students on field trips may be necessary. Occasional movement of students by wheelchairs and other mechanical devices may be required. Occasional lifting of equipment such as audio-visuals weighing up to 50 pounds may be required. Occasional attendance to parent conferences, building-level meetings and division wide meetings and training activities beyond normal assigned hours is necessary. Daily personal close contact with children to provide classroom management and learning environment support is required. Regular contact with other staff members, parents and medical professional may be required. Contacts with community and division-level staff may require considerable tact and diplomacy.